АО CET-Nord - централизованное отопление
0231 91-000

Supply of thermal and electrical energy „CET-Nord” SA

  1. Supply of thermal energy;
  2. Supply of electricity;
  3. Centering the coaxiality of the combined installations;
  4. Disassembly works of the consumer's thermal meter;
  5. Consumer meter installation and filling works;
  6. Carrying out hydraulic tests of the consumer's external heating system;
  7. Performing hydraulic tests of the internal heating system of an elevator node;
  8. Radiator connection / disconnection works.

Repair and testing of thermal equipment

  1. Repair of water heating and steam boilers (Р - 4 МПа);
  2. Repair of steam and hot water pipes (category I - IV);
  3. Making elements and assembling pipes;
  4. Manufacture of heating surfaces for boilers;
  5. Steam turbine repair;
  6. Repair of various types of pumps;
  7. Repair of consumer heating systems (individuals and legal entities).

Additional services

  1. Transportation services (cars and trucks);
  2. Excavation and earthmoving services;
  3. Crane and lathe services;
  4. Self-loading services;
  5. Compressor services;
  6. Location of unused spaces in the production process;
  7. Manufacture of metal constructions;
  8. Turning and milling works;
  9. Welding works of carbon and alloy steels;
  10. Provision of public catering services (various events).

Услуги электротехнической лаборатории

  1. Периодическое контрольное испытание диэлектрических перчаток, диэлектрических калош, диэлектрических бот.
  2. Испытание диэлектрических штанг.
  3. Испытание изолирующих и электроизмерительных клещей.
  4. Испытание указателей напряжения до и выше 1000 В, в том числе и газоразрядной лампой.
  5. Испытание указателей напряжения для проверки совпадения фаз.
  6. Испытание слесарно-монтажный инструмент с изолирующими рукоятками