S.A. „CET-Nord”
0231 91-000
(June 3, 2020 - December 17, 2020)

President of the Council

  • Mihail SOȚCHI - -Deputy General Manager, Public Property Agency

Board members

  • Roman CAZAN - Deputy Secretary General of the Government, State Chancellery
  • Andrei IVANCOV - Head of the Economic Security and Risk Management Department, Public Property Agency
  • Marcel OLARI - Head of External Debt Section, Public Debt Department, Ministry of Finance
  • Alexandru OTGON - Head of the Institutional Management Department, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure

Members of the Committee of Censors:

  • Ana VRABIE - Chief Consultant, Privatization and post-privatization Directorate, Public Property Agency
  • Veronica CHIRILĂ - Senior Consultant, State Budget and National Public Budget Section, Budget Policy and Budgetary Overview Department, Ministry of Finance
  • Sergiu JOMIRU - Senior Consultant, Energy Policy Directorate, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure

Members of the Audit Committee:

  • Felicia CRISTAL - Head of the State Capitalization Assets Section, Corporate Administration, Methodologies and Regulations Department, Public Property Agency.
  • Stela PADUCA - Head of the State Assets Analysis and Regulation Service, Ministry of Finance
  • Ina VOICU - Deputy Chief, Policy Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure

Secretary of the Council:

  • Dorina SCUTARI - Training specialist, Human resources Department
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