S.A. „CET-Nord”
0231 91-000

Our History

The first turbo-generator with a capacity of 4 MW and the steam boiler №1 with a productivity of 20 t / h were put into operation.
The №2 turbo-generator with a capacity of 4 MW and the № 2 and 3 steam boilers with a productivity of 20 t / h were put into operation. Fuel - coal.
The turbo-generator №3 with a capacity of 12 MW and the steam boilers № 4, 5 with the productivity of 75 t / h were put into operation, and in 1968 the steam boiler №6 with the productivity of 75 t / h. Fuel - fuel oil. With the start of the №3 turbo-generator, started the development of the centralized heating supply in Balti.
The water boilers with a thermal capacity of 100 Gcal/h were put into operation: BK № 1 - 1970, BK № 2 - 1973, BK № 3 - 1986, BK № 3 - 1988. The thermal capacity of the North Power and Heat Generating Station was 586,5 Gcal/h.
The №1,2 turbines were transferred to work at low vacuum with the increase of the thermal capacity of each turbine up to 12 Gcal/h.
The №3 turbine was modified by working with backpressure and excluding the production of electricity on the condensing cycle.
The steam boilers № 1, 2, 3 were modified to burn fuel oil and to increase the productivity of each boiler from 20 to 40 t/h.
Steam boilers № 4, 5, 6 were rebuilt, increasing the productivity of each from 75 to 100 t/h.
The steam boilers №1-7 and the water boilers №1-4 were modified for the consumption of natural gas, at the same time the fuel pumping station was put into operation, in addition two tanks were installed to keep it of 5000 m3 each, which allows the company to have fuel oil reserves for 20 days at maximum load.
The №7 steam boiler with a capacity of 75 t / h was put into operation. In previous years, the company has accomplished a very important task by introducing new capabilities and rebuilding the machine in order to increase safety and efficiency.
The exchange of the number 3 turbine was carried out, where the working resources expired, with the turbine of type ПТ-12-35, capacity of 12 MW.
The turbo-aggregates № 1, 2, where the working resources expired was replaced by the turbo-aggregates of type ПТ-12-35 with a capacity of 12 MW. The foundation for the turbo-aggregates № 1,2 was built.
3 noiembrie 1997
JSC „CET-Nord” is founded in connection with the reorganization of the enterprise „Moldelectrica”.
According to the Government Decision of the Republic of Moldova № 415 of May 2, 2000, to the JSC „CET-Nord” was transmitted the sector of thermal networks Balti.
Turbine № 3 has been entered from the cooling method of the water-circulating condenser at low vacuum.
All distribution connections have been equipped with electronic meters for the commercial calculation of electricity and heat.
The PT-12-35 turbo-aggregates with a capacity of 12 MW in low vacuum operation was installed and put into operation.
A metrology lab with modern equipment was built for verification of heat consumption meters.
The project thermal Power System of Balti was initiated in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
A state-of-the-art thermal power plant for cogeneration was put into operation.

The form of organization of the enterprise

1957 – 1960
Balti power plant
1960 - 1963
The thermoelectric power plant Balti
1963 – 1963
The thermoelectric power plant Balti, part of the Moldglavenergo enterprises
1992 – 1997
Centrala termoelectrică Bălți, în componența companiei de stat „Moldenergo”
1997- prezent
Joint Stock Company CET-Nord

The Enterprise's Managers

Grigorii Locșin Iurii Zabuslaev Ivan Corceaghin Boris Rîcov Victor Adamov Valerii Usatîi Alexei Doronin Alexei Doronin Alexei Doronin Alexandr Zazulin Petru Axenti Ion Galagan Marian Brînza


Petru Axenti Petru Axenti, former CET-Nord director since January 1999 – April 2012. He was born in 1952 in Calarasi, Republic of Moldova. He graduated from the mechanization faculty of the Chisinau Agricultural Institute (1974). He worked for the mechanization and electrification company in the district of Glodeni. He was the director of state farm Cotovschi in Sadovoe village. Petru Axenti had been appointed as head of CET-Nord in a tough time for the enterprise and it was noted by initiating the process of installing electronic meters for the commercial calculation of electricity and heat on all distribution machines and he initiated the process of upgrading thermal and electrical energy production equipment.

Alexandr Zazulin Alexandru Zazulin, has worked since September 1990 – November 2014 as chief engineer at the CET-Nord. He was born in 1948 in Balti. He graduated from the Polytechnic Institute and performed his PhD at the Communication Institute in Odessa. He began his activity in the energy sector in 1969, occupying positions in the Substations Service of the Northern Electricity Networks. In 1990 he was appointed as chief engineer at CET-Nord. Under the leadership of Alexandru Zazulin was successfully accomplished one of the stages of the technical reconstruction of the undertaking which involved Installation and commissioning of the PT-12-35 turbo-aggregate, with a capacity of 12 MW in low vacuum activity, which increased the production capacity and the efficiency of the plant. At the initiative of the chief engineer in 2007 was started the construction of a metrology laboratory to check the heat meters. Between 1998 and 1999, Alexandru Zazulin held the position of interim director of CET-Nord.

Lica GuțuLica Guțu, head of the CET-Nord chemical department from January 1975 to November 2019. He graduated from the chemistry faculty of the State University of Chisinau. Six years after he became head of the department, he initiated the construction of the water-purification plant, which was put into operation in October 1980. In 1988, the sludge compaction station, which is still active today, was put into operation. Lica Guțu has one of the longest-lived and most dedicated department heads of the enterprise, working in this position for more than four decades.